The Yellowstone volcano will explode from day to day and can destroy half of the United States - scientists

24 january 2017, 04:07

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Volcano in America, the Yellowstone today latest news February 2015 in the United States in the next two weeks will begin the eruption of the Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO that threatens global changes for the entire world, said the expert volcanologist Hank Hessler. SUPERVOLCANO the US will explode from day to day, the Apocalypse is coming, scientists warn In the United States in the next two weeks will begin the eruption of the Yellowstone super-volcano capable of wiping out half the United States. This forecast was made by the expert volcanologist Hank Hessler, Rosbalt reported. The volcano is located in the territory of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. According to the scientist, the eruption is threatened by global changes for the world. Reserve and all living things around him in a radius of 1,600 km will be wiped off the face of the earth. America rcasc will be under a layer of ash thickness of which may reach thirty centimeters. In addition, huge masses of ash will be thrown into the air and is likely to cover the entire planet and cause dramatic climate change on Earth Planet-today reports. Scientists call alarming signs of approaching disaster the emergence of new geysers an increase in the number and strength of earthquakes throughout the Park as well as the rise of ground level over the last 4 years almost 2 meters. On approaching trouble the scientist says the showgirl and eruptions. For 17 million years the volcano has erupted more than 100 times the latest emissions were 2 million and 640 thousand years ago. So the time of hibernation is coming to an end and the moment of awakening is near. Scientists predict that if this gigantic SUPERVOLCANO were to erupt, the vast territory of America could turn into a dead zone. Over the volcano formed a huge ozone hole and then solar radiation will exceed Chernobyl. The volcano will throw about three thousand cubic meters of ash will cover the Sun for several years, billions of tons of ash spilled acid rain which will destroy most of the plants on the planet. The temperature will drop sharply. The word Hank Hessler predicts the Apocalypse which will make people forget about many of their current problems. Yellowstone volcano latest news 08.02.2015 SUPERVOLCANO ready to Wake up not for the first time About the danger of volcanic eruption said last year. The main concern became tremors. In April, they recorded 60 and the strongest occurred on the morning of March 30 it was estimated at 48 points. Professor of climatology SPBU Gennady Menzhulin Rosbalt commenting on the effects of the eruption of a SUPERVOLCANO Yellowstone, said that politicians and economists underestimate the damage that will be suffered by all mankind. It is known that a large-scale eruption with ash emissions with a volume of over one cubic kilometer

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