The war between Russia and USA is inevitable - latest news

24 january 2017, 04:07

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The content of the article World events of recent years have forced more and more to reflect on the theme of global war which will confront face to face Russia and the United States. Indeed such conflict is inevitable and has been brewing it for a long time. But only in the case of Ukraine was able to watch this big game. With the Ukrainian issue and began an open struggle between the Russian Federation and the United States. War in Ukraine, where militias with the Russian side is opposed by virtually the entire world demonstrates the global interests of the two great powers. In this case, it is obvious that America is trying by all means geographically closer to Russia to directly threaten its security. In this light, the Kremlin is trying to push the front line as far as you can. This is taking various steps but to officially declare war nobody wants. At least not yet. Haven't had time to subside to the Ukrainian crisis as all basic views of the global community moved towards Syria. It is in this Eastern country is now very troubled and the situation is tense to the limit. The militants are gradually winning back town after town, the local Syrian government. Of course the Syrian President in such a situation asked for help from stronger powers. But here, literally out of the blue, a conflict broke out. According to the American side, Russia is wrong to use the military power instead of the terrorists killing civilians and the few rebels who are opposed to Bashar al-Assad. But the leadership of the Russian Federation adheres strictly to have a different opinion and believes the accusations are groundless and farfetched. Likely that confrontation between the US and Russia on Syrian territory will continue. While the United States and Russia does not hasten to declare each other war. It is possible that prior to this case and does not come to that. But in the current situation catches the eye of another war which is not happening for all to see. Of course we are talking about the information war and the war of interests. The battle for natural resources and minerals will continue and with even greater force. The conflicting parties will enlist the support of other States. The conflict is expected to worsen as too many differences appeared between these powers. But who will come out of this confrontation victorious only time will tell. Putin and Obama did not find

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