The population of America and prehistory Indians

24 january 2017, 04:07

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According to genetic studies the University of Michigan, the ancestors of the Indians and Eskimos moved to America from northeast Asia via the Bering land bridge wide isthmus at the site of the present Bering Strait between America and Asia, disappeared more than 12 thousand years ago. And then genetics when justification paleoclimatic In fact, this classic view has the apparent realism. Even palaeoanthropes crossed the Straits and the people of the Old world didn't have to wait for the perfect sushi. And here the Eskimos are likely to have gone to Alaska from Chukotka and Kamchatka - the Aleutian Islands. Migration lasted between 70 thousand years BC and 12 thousand years BC and had several independent from each other waves. One of them was wave 32 thousand years ago other - Alaska - 18 thousand years ago at this time the first migrants have reached South America. The level of culture of the first settlers corresponded to the Paleolithic and Mesolithic cultures of the Old world. The oldest well-studied culture in North America, the Clovis 113-109 thousand L. N. after which alternated between Goshen 111-104 thousand L. N. Folsom 109-1025 thousand L. N. Midland 1075-103 thousand L. B. the origin - every 200 years after the birth predidushei and other. These cultures differ in the form of lugs, very well made smooth and perfectly symmetrical. There are several possible ways of colonization of America. The most simple obvious and probably the main and maybe the only way across the Bering Strait from Chukotka to Alaska and further South. The Bering Strait during the ice ages became the land bridge Beringia. However it can be overcome on the ice now. So all these stages of migration are tied to the land bridge - nonsense Chukchi and kayak safely sailed to America. A bigger problem was waiting for the first Americans at the further promotion of the South since a large part of North America was covered by two great ice shields. People could walk either on the coastal edge along the Northwest coast of America according to recent research the most favorable in the glacial time was the coastal parts of land it is these people may have spread across the continent either through a narrow corridor between the glaciers. Moreover, pre-migration Chukotka walked from Siberia two putam - Arctic and Pacific coasts so using Beringia simultaneously penetrated at least two genetically distinct waves. A much less likely path 1 from Europe via Greenland, the so-called solutrea hypothesis which is indirectly supported by finds

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