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24 january 2017, 04:06

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Photo © AFPEAST NEWS Photo © AFPEAST NEWS The Melania trump are far from the traditional repose of a perfect first lady. In the Network you can easily find her candid shots. One of them she lies in tiny silver swimsuit in furs and looks invitingly at the reader barely covering his privates with his hands and showing delicious Boobs. These provocative images have tried to use detractors of trump asking the voters that you want to see the first lady However, nothing surprising in such a photo no. After all, the new first lady in the past was a model. And because of that the fate brought her to an eccentric billionaire. It happened in 1999 at fashion Week in new York. Then trump already was in a relationship but could not resist the classic beauty of the 90s long slim legs gorgeous hair and inaccessibility of Melanie conquered the eager to the female body of a businessman. He immediately went on the assault and asked for the model number. But she refused him. Pushy tramp left her his card. The model itself is called three days later and agreed to meet with trump. In love with a billionaire then told On the first date we stayed up all night talking. To finally subdue the proud beauty trump used all his power. The owner of the Miss universe contest had a good relationship with many of the fashion magazines he did his best to career of Melanie went up the hill. And so it happened. And again provocation in 2000, Melanie has appeared Nude in the pages of GQ. It was not the first candid photo shoot. Before meeting with trump she undressed for a photographer Ale de Basseville and showed his perfect figure for Max Magazine. Then in Vogue were Frank sexuality and it is possible to provide pictures of the current first lady of the United States on the ear to chewing gum. The Melanya appreciated the efforts of trump and soon the couple began an affair. And just a few months lovelorn businessman admitted his feelings for the whole country to a standstill calling the girl love of his life. Then the presenter Howard stern during a telephone conversation in a joking manner welcomed trump's Hello President America would be shocked if he saw the President with a supermodel. However, trump did not lose a President for all would become a hero. The age difference is 27 years and the presence of trump's four children did not prevent the pair to converge. In 2005, the lovers were married. For Melanie this marriage was the first for trump's third. The ceremony took place on the island of palm beach and was recognized as the most luxurious wedding of the decade. Not surprising because it is the only bridesmaid dress weighing 20 kilograms created by John Galliano for Dior was worth 100 thousand dollars. Due to the severity of the outfit

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