America Ferrera

24 january 2017, 04:06

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Actress the people behind the scenes Date and place of birth 18 APR 1984 California United States The growth of 1.64 m America Ferrera American actress of Latin American origin. Fame came to her after his role in the American version of the show Ugly Betty successfully shown in different countries. The Russian version of Ugly Betty called don't be born beautiful. For the role of Betty America Ferrera has won many prestigious awards including Emmy Golden Globe and others. In Time magazine America Ferrera appeared in the list of the most influential people in the world and People magazine named her one of the most beautiful Actresses. America Fererra has become a favorite of the Latino audience in the United States and the U.S. Congress praised its role in promoting the image of Latin American women on television. America Georgina Ferrera was born 18 April 1984 in Los Angeles California in a large family of immigrants from Honduras. America Fererra was the youngest sixth child. At the age of seven she played in the school production of hamlet and decided for himself what he wants to become an actress. America began to visit the theatre in Los Angeles. In July 2002 as a student at El Camino Real High School in California 16-year-old Fererra starred in the film Through the production of Disney channel. She played the role of a Latin American girls participating in the school's dance ensemble. In the same 2002 America Fererra played in the movie Real women have curves in production of HBO. She got the role of Anna Garcia American women in the first generation with Mexican roots who wanted to go to College instead of working in the family garment business. America Fererra In show business is not so much role models Latin American type. Before my eyes was just Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek, but I was not like them. In 2005, America Ferrera got a starring role in the movie Jeans-talisman, with Alexis Bledel, Blake lively, and amber Tamblyn. In 2007 Fererra played this role again in the sequel Jeans-talisman 2 The hour for America Fererra came in 22 years in 2006 when, after a long casting she was cast in the TV series Ugly Betty in a role of Betty Suarez, an unattractive fellow with a heart of gold working in a fashion magazine It's a show based on the popular Colombian telenovela Yo Soy Betty Le Fea. In the US, Ugly Betty got thanks to Salma Hayek who took the final decision on selection of America Fererra for the lead role. In April 2008, when it was filmed four seasons of shooting in the TV series Ugly Betty

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